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305 Original 2 Snowshoes bali /Product Id ts-48531

305 Original 2 Snowshoes bali
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  • Product Id: ts-48531

*The combination of the 3D frame with the Original 2 attachment allows you to easily switch between the different terrains

Product information

  • Size: S 37 >> 45

  • Length: S 55 x 20cm

  • Suitable weight: S 30 >> 80kg

  • Wasp waist shape for an easier gait

  • 3D design : maximum support underfoot on direct and lateral ascents

  • The flexible binding allows the foot to roll naturally

  • Lock Adjustment : All you have to do is activate the locking device and slide the heel support to the desired size to save the length setting.

  • BOA® Fit System

  • The BOA® Fit System creates a seamless connection between body and equipment and thus supports faster, more powerful changes of direction and movements.

  • Lateral Adjust : Lateral adjustment for optimal adjustment and size storage.

  • Preset ankle: This allows the comfort strap to be aligned with the shoe and its position saved.

  • Tighten the heel binding using the ratchet system for a secure and good fit

  • Bi-material comfort strap

  • Noise and Shock Absorbing System (SSAS)

  • Climbing aid: With the EASY ASCENT automatic climbing aid function, it is no longer necessary to bend down to adjust the climbing aid.

  • 3D design : maximum support underfoot on direct and lateral ascents

  • frontal points

  • Size: 55x20cm

  • Weight: 800g

Color: Bali

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