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Highlander Access Snow Shoes Men titan black /Product Id ts-60375

Highlander Access Snow Shoes Men titan black
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  • Product Id: ts-60375

Let's go up the mountain with this top model!

In addition to the quick and easy adjustment option, the Highlander Access offers extremely stable and excellent grip on all types of snow. Now the conquest of the peaks really begins!

Product information

  • Size: S 37>> 44, M 39>> 47, L 41>> 50

  • Length: 52x19cm, 57x21cm, 67x22.5cm

  • Weight: 30>> 80kg, 50>> 120kg, 70>> 140kg

  • Multi-pronged claw Multi-pronged claw for maximum traction on steep slopes. It is made of stainless steel and is extremely durable and resistant.

  • The interchangeable grips on the edge of the frame ensure a firm grip on inclines and ensure a secure grip on steep terrain.

  • Replaceable steel spikes

  • The rocker cushions your step and supports the rolling movement of the foot, whether on flat surfaces or on inclines.

  • The structured frame and crossbars provide traction and support on soft and compact snow.

  • TSL Patent - The multiple composite teeth under the snowshoe's rear rocker cut through and displace snow, providing a good grip on the descent.

  • All our snowshoes, whose wasp-waist shape allows natural walking (TSL patent), are tested in the most extreme temperatures.

  • The flexible binding allows the foot to roll naturally

  • Lock Adjustment : All you have to do is activate the locking device and slide the heel support to the desired size to save the length setting.

  • Strap closure at front

  • Lateral Adjust : Lateral adjustment for optimal adjustment and size storage.

  • This allows the comfort strap to be aligned with the shoe and its position saved.

  • Tighten the heel binding using the ratchet system for a secure and good fit

  • Bi-material comfort strap

  • Noise and Shock Absorbing System (SSAS)

  • Climbing aid: With the EASY ASCENT SSAS automatic climbing aid function, it is no longer necessary to bend down to adjust the climbing aid.

Color: Titan black

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