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Shovel C 660 Avalanche-Shovel green /Product Id ts-54063

Shovel C 660 Avalanche-Shovel green
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  • Product Id: ts-54063

The PIEPS Shovel C 660 with telescopic and C-handle is the perfect shovel for effective companion rescue. 
The shovel guarantees a light weight and optimum stability. The C-Handle enables easy handling even with the thickest gloves. The telescopic handle with an oval profile avoids twisting while shoveling. The quick-lock-system connects handle and blade without pressing the buttons.

Product information

  • Special surface coating

  • Sharpened edges

  • Pronounced center ridge

  • Hoe function

  • Rescue sledge function

  • Anti slip coating

  • Non-slip foot rest

  • Integrated bottle opener

  • Blade dimensions: 28,5 x 21,5 x 6 cm

  • Total length: 88 cm

  • Handle length: 68cm

  • Total weight: 660 g

Color: Green

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