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Symbioz Original Snow Shoes metallic /Product Id ts-29811

Symbioz Original Snow Shoes metallic
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  • Product Id: ts-29811

This snowshoe can do a lot!

All technologies bundled in the Symbioz Original 2 (from the precise and enclosing attachment to the Hyperflex concept) increase safety, natural walking comfort and compensate for uneven terrain. This makes conquering the summit child's play.

Product information

  • Size: S 37>> 44, M 39>> 47, L 41>> 50

  • Length: S 52.5 x 19 cm, M 59 x 21 cm, L 69 x 22.5 cm

  • Suitable weight: S 30 >> 80 kg, M 50 >> 120 kg, L 70 >> 140 kg

  • Hyperflex Concept: Thanks to its extreme flexibility, its low weight and its ergonomic binding, the Symbioz adapts to any terrain while allowing an amazingly natural roll of the foot. The elasticity and responsiveness offer even more freedom and lightness.

  • The thermoplastic reinforcements absorb the deformation forces acting on the Symbioz Original. They allow the forces to be transmitted evenly throughout the frame so that the step when bending is just as natural as when twisting sideways.

  • Wasp waist shape for an easier gait

  • The flexible binding allows the foot to roll naturally

  • Lock Adjustment : All you have to do is activate the locking device and slide the heel support to the desired size to save the length setting.

  • BOA® Fit System: The BOA® Fit System creates a seamless connection between body and equipment and thus supports faster, more powerful changes of direction and movements.

  • Power without sacrificing precision: the BOA® Fit System ensures explosiveness and incomparable accuracy.

  • Lateral Adjust : Lateral adjustment for optimal adjustment and size storage.

  • This allows the comfort strap to be aligned with the shoe and its position saved.

  • Tighten the heel binding using the ratchet system for a secure and good fit

  • Bi-material comfort strap

  • Noise and Shock Absorbing System (SSAS)

  • Climbing aid: With the EASY ASCENT automatic climbing aid function, it is no longer necessary to bend down to adjust the climbing aid.

  • The front claw allows maximum traction on steep slopes.

  • The vertically arranged rails offer optimum traction and perfect grip in soft snow - whether on sloping slopes or steep inclines.

  • 8 interchangeable steel spikes

Color: Matallic

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